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Insurance, Powers of Attorney & Wills



Why do we always think ‘it’ll never happen to me’, and not bother following up insurances that will provide financial support if we need them?


We work hard to pay off our home, car and other prized possessions, so what would happen to these if we fell off our roof and were unable to work for a long period of time?


What about our children’s education at that private school? That promised family holiday to Bali? More importantly, all of the medical bills and rehabilitation to mend yourself?


Would your lifestyle change if you had to rely on any Centrelink support to survive?


If you are in business, what would happen to your business if you were ‘laid up’?


Please take some time out to look at the checklists we have attached so that you are aware of what type of insurances are available, then contact us so that we can assist you in understanding and acquiring sufficient insurances to protect your lifestyle, family, business and assets.


Insurance Checklist - Personal

Insurance Checklist - Business 

Powers of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney allows you to nominate a trusted person to make decisions about your property and financial affairs when you are absent eg. you go overseas.


If you suffer a severe injury where you are unable to make your own decisions about your life, who will make these decisions on your behalf?


An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to nominate who will make these life decisions for you if you cannot. 


We recommend that you discuss the various types of Powers of Attorney with your Solicitor, however, we suggest, as a minimum, a Medical Enduring Power of Attorney and a Financial Enduring Power of Attorney be put in place by you.


Please look at the attached Checklist to guide you in what is required then contact your Solicitor for their assistance.


Enduring Power of Attorney Checklist

Advanced Care Directive Information

Questions to Ask Your Parents

Information to Tell Your Family



Many people choose not to face the implications of dying and what is left behind for their loved ones to have to deal with.


For the cost of your annual car insurance premium, you can take responsibility for what goes on after you die.


What will happen to your body, your children, your possessions?


Many say ‘they are not worth the paper they’re written on’, but what’s the alternative? A current Will is better than no Will at all.


For your benefit, we have attached some flyers worth reading to inform you of what happens upon your passing. Please read these and ACT.


Once you have made up your mind to organise your Will, please consider the points on our attached checklist, which act as a guide, before seeing your Solicitor.


Will Checklist

What happens if you die without a Will

When to Update your Will

When a Will Kit is not suitable

Advanced Care Directive Information

Important Questions to Ask your Parents

Information to Tell Your Family